Monday, November 12, 2012

A Fiesta Thanksgiving

Fiesta dishes, table set for Thanksgiving dinner
George Walter Lange,Stationed at Sampson Naval Base, WWII
My Father
Sampson Naval Base Tailor Shop, WWII
My Mother: At 1st sewing machine on left, facing camera
   I grew up with Fiesta dinnerware on the table. During World War II my parents were stationed at Sampson Naval Base. My father took care of the boilers that heated the base and my mother worked in the tailor shop altering the navy uniforms for the sailors. They lived in the Navy barracks under truly minimalists conditions. One of the first things my mother did after returning home from the war, was to buy a set of Fiesta dinnerware.  The bright happy colors were a marked contrast to their wartime life.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Decorating For Thanksgiving

To decorate your holiday mantel, start by removing everything from the mantle to allow yourself a fresh clean start. Then choose a theme, maybe natural fall materials, some pottery, or a Thanksgiving display. Look in different rooms of your home, gather rustic and vibrant items until you find a collection of items that go together, then try different arrangements until you find a design that is pleasing to you. Try to repeat a color at least three times to maintain continuity, use antiques or vintage elements in your display to make a statement, layer different accessories, and choose items of different heights to add visual interest. There is really no right or wrong way.

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