Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fiesta Tea Time Challenge Answers

Have you taken the challenge? Can you tell the difference between old and new Fiestaware? If not go the the following blog "Fiesta Tea Time Challenge" and see before you read on.

1. Old:  Turquoise made from 1937 -1969 (this one was my mothers from the 50's)
2. New: White made from 1986- present (bought at a garage sale)
3. Old: Colbalt Blue made from 1936 -1951 (this one was my mothers from the 50's)
4. New: Periwinkle Blue made from 1989- 2006 (bought at a garage sale)
5. Old: Old Ivory made from 1936-1951(this one was my mothers from the 50's)

A. OLD FIESTA MARKING  “HLC on bottom, Genuine on top" Ink stamp under glazing
                          be careful- I do have new pieces with         fiesta         indented stamp, no Genuine on top 
                                                                                      HCl  USA
B. NEW FIESTA MARKING  "HLC on top in Capital Letters"  indented stamp
C. OLD FIESTA MARKING  "HLC on bottom"  indented stamp

            if it says "Lead Free" on the back stamp it was made after 1986

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


   People that live in Minnesota are hearty souls.  We can endure snow for six out of twelve months of the year, thirty below zero temperatures with wind chills that dip to sixty below and day after day of gray cloudy skies with serious bouts of cabin fever. But what we can’t tolerate is our spring being hijacked. And that is exactly what has happened this year. 
   Today is April 23, 2013 and normally crocuses, hyacinths, and snow drops are blooming in my yard.

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Life with Margaret Quimby

   In 1965, my husband decided to build a house.  A new housing development was being built around a new elementary school.  Since we had two young children, my husband thought that this area was the perfect place to raise our family. Not only did we need to  build the house, but we needed to furnish it a well.
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