Monday, August 19, 2013

Poncho Villa and My Great Grandmother

                                               Dear Granddaughter,             July 13th, 1916,  McAllen Texas
                                  Grandma is well and getting along all right.  Since July it has
                               rained a shower every day but two.  They tell us the rainy
                               season has commenced. The poor northern boys are finding it
                               rather hard soldiering.  These boys are ten minutes walk from
                               the center of town guarding McAllen and the borders of the Rio
                               Grande south of here. It is seven miles to Hidalgo and Reynosa,
                               Mexico across the river.  Several thousand soldiers are here now
                               and more coming every day. Looks like a city of tents. It is
                               thundering again so will rain again.

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