Monday, October 21, 2013

Vintage and Antique Jewelry Store Opening at Reuzeit Emporium

Victorian Locket
Victorian Locket
Whiting Davis  Bracelet and Ring Set
Whiting Davis Bracelet and Ring Set
Exciting new things have been happening!  Reuzeit Emporium has been hard at work opening our new shop. This shop carries a unique variety of antique and vintage jewelry, jewelry for all your special occasions. Check out the Whiting Davis bracelets and rings along with Taxco Mexican sterling silver cuff links and money clip. We also have tie tacks, cut crystal and Murano beaded necklaces, turquoise, and antique lockets to keep your loved on close to your heart. Or maybe you're looking for a piece of sweetheart jewelry, such as a cherub bracelet or heart locket, just a special something for her birthday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day. We also have watch fobs, belt buckles, watches and rings. Reuzeit Emporium has it all. While the jewelry shop is officially open,  Reuzeit will be adding to its inventory on a regular bases. This is just a sample of what will be listed so check back often.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Riverside Glass Works: Old Pattern Glass vs. New Pattern Glass

It's strange the memories that come to you and the odd places you are when they arrive. This memory came to me while walking through a department store with my mother. I noticed a display of pretty pressed pattern glass in vibrant colors and I was instantly brought back to my younger years when we used, displayed and loved Early American Pattern Glass.
New pattern glass made in China.

Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) was a treasure in my family and it was a big part of my childhood. Many weekends were spent going to antique show, antique shops and flea markets to add to the collections. My mother, my grandmother and both of my aunts loved Early American Pattern Glass. It seemed to me my grandmother knew everything about these beautiful patterns. I would follow her around and ask her the name of each pattern as she picked it up and examined it for chips and cracks. I always enjoyed the holidays when these beautiful pieces of pattern glass would be set upon the table and used. One glass company produced some of my families favorite patterns, Riverside Glass Works.

Why Buy New …….When You Can Still Own America’s Finest Glass

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