Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gillinder Glass and Novelty Easter Eggs

   I associate the Gillinder Glass Works with novelty items, especially their beautiful milk glass Easter Eggs. They did make some early American patterns, like daisy and button, barred star, and many leaf patterns but the majority of their pieces fall into the novelty category. Gillinder is well known for their ABC and figural plates, lion head ink stand, millefiori paperweights, and some toothpick holders, and, of course, glass eggs.

Shoe marked Gillinder Souvenir on bottom
  The Franklin Flint Glass Works was founded in 1861 in Philadelphia by William Thynne Gillinder. William was born in England and immigrated to the United States as a young man. Not long after opening his glass factory, he formed a partnership with Edwin Bennett. The first World's Fair to be held in the United States, was held in Philadelphia in 1876. The Centennial Exhibition was a major part of the World's Fair and William decided to build a working glass factory on the site. William's two sons, James and Frederick created glass items in their newly constructed blast furnace. Over one million people visited their glass factory and many people bought Gillinder glass for souvenirs. One report said that over 100,000 glass slippers were sold at the fair.



   Gillinder Glass Works encountered many problems during the next thirty years. In 1912, three Gillinder brothers, the grandsons of William purchased the Orange County Flint Glass Works in Port Jervis. They opened the new plant, Gillinder Brothers, in 1913. The Gillinder Glass Store still occupies space on this site.
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  Gillinder Glass is still in operation today, owned and operated by Charles Gillinder, the sixth generation of Gillinders. It is located at 39 Erie St, Port Jervis, NY 12771.  Tours and glass blowing demonstrations are offered Monday through Friday. Today the company produces industrial and technical lighting , such as airport runway lights and artistic enhanced illuminations. And today, antique Gillinder novelty items are collected and prized for their unique design and lasting appeal. The Gillinder Easter eggs make a lovely addition to your Easter holiday decorations.
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