Thursday, June 27, 2013

Independence Day: A Penny to Send a Thought

Antique Postcard, 4th of July

In the early 1900’s holiday postcards became popular.  For a penny stamp you could send a small greeting to your friend, family member, sweetheart, potential sweetheart or patron of your business. 

Antique Independence Day Postcard

"Hello dear friend, I thought I would send you a July card cause you send me a Easter card.      From, Laura"

This message could be from a young beau trying to impress his sweetheart with his wit.
"Hello, goodybye…..fine day nothing to say ….so long….so short.    TLK"

This postcard greeting is from a sister sending her sister an update on her recent activities.         
“Dear Sister, I am sending you a card to let you know we are well.  We hoed our garden this week. I spent all my time there, it was kind of hard the first time. Kind of showery this morn.  It has been dreadfully warm here all week.  Write us. Yours with love, Mayme”

Businesses often sent holiday cards to their best customers.
"Seasons Greeting from John Rickel"(stamped name)

Although, Christmas and Easter postcards were the most popular cards to send, postcards were manufactured and sent for just about every occasion. Thousands of postcards were manufactured for the Fourth of July and they had a large variety of different themes. Children with fireworks themes were very popular.  Here are a few examples.

Antique Postcard, 4th of JulyAntique Postcard, 4th of JulyAntique Postcard, 4th of July

Flags, eagles, soldiers, Uncle Sam, and cartoons were often used themes and some cards contained patriotic verses.

Antique Postcard, 4th of July                                                                                             Hurray for the day that’s witnessed the birth
         Of the greatest country on this earth
         Hurray for the United States,
         The country that opens wide its gates,
         For all to come and for all to be
         Happy, prosperous and free.


With the age of cell phones, the internet and social networks, we have lost the art of postcard writing. The small back of a postcard held a simple message about a stop in our travels, an update on our recent activities, or a business advertisement. All of these have now been replaced with technology. The fast paced world we live in has us snap a picture on our cell phone, send it in an email or post it on Facebook, and immediately let 20 - 30 of our closest friends know about our lives. The golden age of the postcard has long since past, and along with it the great colorful and beautifully detailed pictures.
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