Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Historical Background on the Vars Cemetery

The old Vars burial place also known as Vars and Hall Cemetery and  is one of the oldest cemeteries in America.  It is located 500 feet east of Bradford Road at telephone post number 3710. Once you find the telephone pole, turn right onto a dirt path called Woody Hill Road Extension.  At the end of Wood Hill Extension, turn left, walk straight through a lot with a house on it and proceed through the woods.  Enter the Vars Cemetery and about 210 rods northwest is the location of the  Vars homestead, on a hill sloping west. Nothing remains of this original homestead today. Many members  of the Vars family are buried in the cemetery here, including:

Theodaty Rhodes, died in 1733
Mary Vars  Rhodes, wife of Lord John De Vars and Theodaty Rhodes, died in 1740
Isaac Vars, only child of Lord John De Vars, died in 1760
Rebecca Larkin Vars, wife of Isaac Vars, died about 1760

However, their tombstones no longer exist. Today there are over 60 known burial sites with about 50 inscriptions dating from 1846 to 2006.

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