Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming soon.
Here are a few unique Mother's Day Gift ideas.
It's not just a box of chocolates anymore. 

Handpainted Porcelain Powder Box, T and V Limoges France

Message to My Mother cross stitch embroidery
cross stitch sampler.
Antique Vintage Red Wing Shell or Fan Vase

Vintage Curious Kittens Porcelain Plate, The Hamilton Collection

Antique Vintage Porcelain Shoe white and green with gold trim

Antique Vintage Pink Art Deco Perfume Bottle with clear stopper

Antique Vintage Porcelain Half Doll Pincushion

Antique Vintage Pink Depression Glass Mayfair Rose Cookie or Cracker Jar
A Mayfair depression glass cracker jar
 to serve cookies with style.

Antique Vintage Blue Thistle Compote
A gorgeous blue thistle bonbon dish, 
if you must give her chocolates.

                                                  Happy Mother's Day!

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