Friday, February 8, 2013

Rags to Riches

To Tuft or Not to Tuft.... That is the question!

This gem of a chair was bought at an auction 5 years ago. I just recently tackled the chair project. The fabric was stained and dirty, something needed to be done.  I had always wanted a red velvet chair in my bedroom. I decided this was the chair and it needed to be taken down to the bare bones. I had done a few projects before, but nothing of this magnitude. Reupholstering was a bit of a challenge. I peeled back a layer of striped gold velvet fabric with no tufting to reveal the fabric and tufted chair you see below. At that time, I decided the new upholstery had to have tufting, my daughter convinced me it would be no trouble, even though we had never attempted anything like it before. The springs had to be retied, new webbing and foam were added to replace the horse hair and saw dust that filled the chair. It became a family affair, my husband joined in and helped with the project. Tufting the new red velvet fabric was the hardest part, my daughter went online and read how to do it, and we followed the directions we found. We used the old tufted fabric as a pattern.  But just look at the results. I have always wanted a chair like this in my bedroom.

Was the tufting the way to go?
What do you think?

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  1. HI Thank you for your kind words about my artist decor and Birthday Bed! I tried my hand at Upholstery...oh I hate to do it. But I do in desperation to be cheap..I took a class. Only if it is simple..never is simple..Buying things already done on Craigslist these days..Painting is fine. It is wonderful to see your work. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. Mostly I am an artist/painter/doll maker and my husband is a musican.

    Happy Valentines to you!

  2. Hi Linda are ambitious! A project like this would have had me running for the hills!
    The result is just stunning and I love the tufting and the regality of the plush velvet.

  3. Wow, the chair turned out great. I can't believe you did that yourself especially the tufting.

  4. Yes, tufting was definitely the way to go! It looks great. I have never tried tufting yet, but it has on my list to try someday when I get the right piece.

  5. What a great job! Thanks for your sweet comment about my settee.

  6. Most definitely. That is a beautiful chair!

  7. It is gorgeous! Wow you did a fantastic job! I say tuft. Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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