Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Ode to Buddy

Call me Buddy sweet born my spring time name.

Orange stripes of fuzzy fur, paws and tail have I

When rubbed, stroked or brushed puring is my game 

Chasing felt stuffed mouse pouncing on a fly

Pursuing rabbits setting up a trap

To much food I eat a girth round and fat

Licking fur, time to sleep, I need a nap

Not a chick or dog some would say I'm cat

Abandoned was I a shelter was home

Freed to a cabin for life by a lake

A tragedy happened now I'm alone

A new home going, fresh owner will take

Gift called life, the Reaper whose name is death

Dark is night, time is fleeting, my last breath

                                          Written by Evan Miller, April. 2021

         Buddy PurrKins died in January, 2021 at the age of 18.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thanksgiving Greetings

Beautiful Antique Thanksgiving Postcards makes a nice hostess gift. 
Reuzeit Emporium wishes you a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Buddy Purrkins Story: To Be Continued......

The Buddy Purrkins Story

The Buddy Purrkins story will continue after a short break.  Keep checking.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Buddy Purrkins Story: Buddy Goes Somewhere Again

I'm hiding.  I am way way back in the back of the big closet on the very top shelf.  My human will never find me.  I hear my name being called but I'm not coming out!  It is dark and warm up here and I'm curled up on some soft sweaters.  A little nap would be just fine right now.  My human can just keep looking and calling for me.

OH NO!  My human has me.  I try to bite but I can't something won't let me open my mouth. I squirm and fight but I can't get away.  Where are you taking me?  And now I see it.....that dreaded iron cage.  I'm shoved in and the latch is shut.  I'm being taken somewhere in that noisy, rolling, rocky car. AGAIN!

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Buddy Purrkins Story: Buddy is Naughty

I want to go outside to play in the sunbeams and chase the birds that come to the feeder. I'm sitting by the back door crying to be let out but my human keeps saying, "No, Buddy."  Every time I try to bat at the danglely string by the window, my human picks me up and says, "No, Buddy."  I can walk now but not very well and sometimes I limp.  My front paws hurt all the time and I cry a lot.  I want my mother and my brothers and sisters but they are gone.  I am all alone. 

I have problems too.  I refuse to use the litter box.  The grit gets in my sore paws and I can't scratch and dig. I found a better place.  There are piles of laundry on the floor and it is nice and soft on top of all those clothes.  My human gets very angry with me when I choose the laundry pile instead of my litter box.  The carpet is pretty soft too, maybe that is a better option. My hind leg is sore from being spanked. Now when my human picks me up I bite. Often I get a swat on my nose for biting but I'm not going to stop. 

I still like to explore.  Today I was able to get up on the kitchen counter.  There are good smells up there and strange things to look at, and sometimes papers will float down to the floor.  When the papers are on the floor I can run and slide and make the papers fly again. Until my human says, "No, Buddy."  I just can't have any fun anymore.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Buddy Purrkins Story: Buddy Goes Home

I'm home.  My mother is very glad to see me.  She is licking me all over.  I must be very dirty.
My brothers and sisters do not come to see me.  Where are they?  I don't remember much about coming home.  I know I was put back in that horrible iron cage and the car rolled back and forth but I just couldn't keep my eyes open.  And now I'm home but I'm too tired to explore.  I need to go back to sleep.

I'm shaking and shivering and sore and mad.  My human comes and tries to coax me to eat and drink but I'm not hungry.  I hiss at my human. LEAVE ME ALONE!  My human goes away but comes back with a bottle and swaddles me in a blanket.  Bad tasting stuff is put in my mouth.  I fight and hiss some more but I can't get away.  Soon my eyes start to close and I go back to sleep.

The next day my human is back with more of that bad tasting liquid. After awhile I'm sleepy again and my human starts to take the bandages off my paws. I cry and squirm and try to get away. BUT I CAN'T.

It seems like I've been sleeping for days.  I'm hungry and thirsty. I feel a little better.  I'm going to find my food dish.  I get up and fall over.  The pain is intense.  I start to cry.  Where is my mother?  I need her to take care of me.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Buddy Purrkins Story: Buddy has Surgery

Where am I?  I'm so sleepy.  I hurt!  There is something on my front paws.  I can't lick them and make them feel better.  I try biting at the material on my paws but that doesn't work.  I shake my paws really hard but the wrappings won't come off. I am curled up on something very warm and it makes me so very tired.  I have to go back to sleep now.

Something terrible has happen to me and my front paws.  The last bone of each toe has been amputated!  My front claws and the bone in which the claw is contained has been chopped off!  How can I climb trees and catch mice?  How can I defend myself?

I have pain in my belly by my hind legs and that hurts too but I am too tired to lick it.  I am very very sick.  Maybe I am going to die.

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Buddy Purrkins Story: Buddy Goes Somewhere

This morning my mother told me that I was going somewhere very soon but she didn't tell me it would be today. I was playing, just typical kitten stuff, like reaching up high on the coach and seeing how far I could drag my claws down the soft side.  I even tried to climb up the curtain to see where that dangling string came from but that didn't make my human happy and I was pulled down and spanked. So I decided to take a nap. When I woke up, I was being stuffed into some kind of metal box.  It was small and I was scared. My human picked up the metal box and carried me outside. The sun was warm and bright so I tried to crawl out and play in the sunbeams but I couldn't move very much or get out.  My human put me in the car. The car made a terrible noise so I cried. Then the car moved and I wet myself. The car rolled this way and that way throwing me against the sides of the metal box.  I threw up.  The car finally stopped and I was a wet stinky mess. My human took me into a strange place and sat my metal box on the floor.  Soon after, I was carried into a room with bright lights and something sharp stuck me in my hind leg. I yowled and hit my head on the top of the metal box.

And that was all I remember until I woke up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Buddy Purrkins Story: Early Kitten Years

I don't remember much about my early kitten years but I know I was adorable.The first two months of my life I know that I was warm and well-fed and that my brother and sisters slept beside me.  Sometime one of them would walk right on top of me to get closer to our mother.  We learned to get along together, to socialize, and of course, we learned appropriate kitten behavior.  Our mother gave us a soft swat if we misbehaved.  After spending several months sleeping and eating, I was ready to step out into the world and explore.  I was curious to learn about everything.  What is that dangling from the wall?  If I bat it with my paw it swings back and forth.  What is that bright warm spot on the floor? If I sit on it, it disappears. My owner likes to play games too. Sometimes we play hide and seek or we play with my toys.  I love to crawl into an open paper bag or a cardboard box.  The bag crunches and crackles as I move around and I can jump and pounce on the shadows. I don't need my mother or my brothers and sisters to experience these wonders.  I am independent!

I can learn on my own.

And then the dreaded day arrived.

Monday, August 6, 2018

The Buddy Purrkins Story: How I got my Alias

My name is Buddy Purrkins but I'm also known as Mega Mitts because I'm a polydactyl cat. Normal cats have a total of 18 toes, with five toes on each forepaw, and four toes on each hind paw, but I have an two extra toes on each paw.  That makes eight extra toes! True polydactyl is a congenital abnormality, genetically inherited as an autosomal dominant trait of the ZRS gene.  Ernest Hemingway first six-toes cat named Snowball was given to him by a ship's captain.  Sailors considered polydactyl cats good luck and we were especially useful in keeping the ship's rodent population under control because we have extraordinary climbing and hunting abilities. Snowball's fifty descendants live in Hemingway's former home in Key West, Florida.  Hemingway loved his polydactyl cats and today we are sometimes referred to as Hemingway cats.  So you see, I am truly awesome.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Buddy Purrkins

My name is Buddy Purrkins aka Mega Mitts.

I live at Reuzeit Emporium, an antique
and collectibles store for everyone. 
 I’m 14 years old and have quite a story to tell, follow me if you   want to listen.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Independence Day: A Penny to Send Your Thoughts

Antique Postcard, 4th of July

In the early 1900’s holiday postcards became popular.  For a penny stamp you could send a small greeting to your friend, family member, sweetheart, potential sweetheart or patron of your business. 

Antique Independence Day Postcard

"Hello dear friend, I thought I would send you a July card cause you sent me a Easter card.      From, Laura"

This message could be from a young beau trying to impress his sweetheart with his wit.
"Hello, goodybye…..fine day nothing to say ….so long….so short.    TLK"

This postcard greeting is from a sister sending her sister an update on her recent activities.         
“Dear Sister, I am sending you a card to let you know we are well.  We hoed our garden this week. I spent all my time there, it was kind of hard the first time. Kind of showery this morn.  It has been dreadfully warm here all week.  Write us. Yours with love, Mayme”

Businesses often sent holiday cards to their best customers.
"Seasons Greeting from John Rickel"(stamped name)

Although, Christmas and Easter postcards were the most popular cards to send, postcards were manufactured and sent for just about every occasion. Thousands of postcards were manufactured for the Fourth of July and they had a large variety of different themes. Children with fireworks themes were very popular.  Here are a few examples.
Antique Postcard, 4th of JulyAntique Postcard, 4th of JulyAntique Postcard, 4th of July

Flags, eagles, soldiers, Uncle Sam, and cartoons were often used themes and some cards contained patriotic verses.

Antique Postcard, 4th of July                                                                                             Hurray for the day that’s witnessed the birth
         Of the greatest country on this earth
         Hurray for the United States,
         The country that opens wide its gates,
         For all to come and for all to be
         Happy, prosperous and free.


With the age of cell phones, the internet and social networks, we have lost the art of postcard writing. The small back of a postcard held a simple message about a stop in our travels, an update on our recent activities, or a business advertisement. All of these have now been replaced with technology. The fast paced world we live in has us snap a picture on our cell phone, send it in an email or post it on Facebook, and immediately let 20 - 30 of our closest friends know about our lives. The golden age of the postcard has long since past, and along with it the great colorful and beautifully detailed pictures.
Happy July 4th

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gift Ideas for Mother on Mother's Day

Gold Gilt Retriever Stick Pin
Gold Gilt Retriever Stick Pin

Rose Cameo Ring
Rose Cameo Ring

Black Cameo Lady Pendant
Black Cameo Lady Pendant

1890's Mechanical Pencil Pendant
1890's Mechanical Pencil Pendant

White Leaf Pin with silver & enamel

Sterling Silver Filigree Pendant

1990's Peridot Necklace
1990's Peridot Necklace
12 inches

Whiting & Davis Goldtone Bracelet & Ring
Whiting & Davis Goldtone 
Bracelet & Ring

1950's Gold wash Locket wit birds and flowers, 20 inch chain
1950's Gold wash Locket wit birds and flowers, 20 inch chain

II. Mothers are more precious that Silver

1900 Silver Holder & Blue Vase
1900 Silver Holder & Blue Vase
Pairpoint Mfg Co. # 1533

1900 Silver Holder with Engraved Flowers, Meriden Co. #1418
1900 Silver Holder with Engraved Flowers, Meriden Co. #1418

1885 Silver Gravy Boat gold wash on inside, Rockford Silverplate Co.
1885 Silver Gravy Boat gold wash on inside, Rockford Silverplate Co.

1985 Engraved Silver Plate, Wallace Silversmiths
1985 Engraved Silver Plate
Wallace Silversmiths

1880's Silver Jewelry Casket with Key, Simpson Hallmiller Co
1880's Silver Jewelry Casket with Key
Simpson Hallmiller Co.

1850-1899 Silver Cake Basket Homan Company #1569
1850-1899 Silver Cake Basket 
Homan Company #1569

III. Classy glass for a classy Mother

Emerald Green Carnival Bowl
Emerald Green Carnival Bowl

Blue Stretch Glass Footed Bowl
Blue Stretch Glass Footed Bowl

Green Fancy Loop Toothpick Holder
Green Fancy Loop Toothpick Holder

Frosted Clear & Pink
Frosted Clear & Pink
 Divided Pickle Dish

Ruby Stained Wine Decanter
Ruby Stained Wine Decanter

Marigold Carnival Bonbon Dish,
Marigold Carnival Bonbon Dish,
 Lotus & Grape Pattern 

Electric Blue Tokyo Compote
Electric Blue Tokyo Compote

Green Pebble Leaf Dish
Green Pebble Leaf Dish

Vaseline Glass Candy Jar
Vaseline Glass Candy Jar

Buy your Mother a Memorable Gift from Reuzeit  Emporium Today!

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